Contemporary Near-West Apartments in a Classic Setting

Heritage History

Patrick and Sue Grady are the fifth generation to own the land on which Heritage Apartments on Regent Street is built.  Originally purchased in 1862 by Patrick’s great-great grandfather, the land was outside of the city but close enough for the family to transport vegetables and flowers to those living in the growing city of Madison. As the farm prospered, it was handed-down to great-grandfather and then grandfather.

In 1908, Grandparents Elizabeth and Frederick built their home on the corner of Regent and Ash, raising seven children and renting out rooms to boarders.  For 105 years, the home stood sheltering family and renters.  However, age eventually took its toll, making way for the beautiful new apartment building. As the fifth generation, we are honored to continue stewardship for the property, knowing that it is part of our heritage.